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Who are we?

We are Ragtopia, husband and wife hobby Ragdoll cat breeders based in Nottinghamshire. Along with our children we're passionate about Ragdolls in particular colourpoints. It's from our love of the breed and their sweet nature that we became Ragdoll breeders and we care deeply about breeding great quality pedigree kittens and ensuring they all find loving homes. As reputable Ragdoll breeders we're members of the GCCF, TBRCC and the YCCC.



Our Kittens are from superb lines, they're weaned using Royal Canin kitten products. They are well socialised with children, cats and dogs so are perfect for most families. However we do suggest that when going to homes where families are working full time a playmate is considered, as being indoor cats they need company.

All Kittens come with:
GCCF pedigree registration certificate
5 generation pedigree certificate
Five weeks insurance
Fully up to date vaccinations
Wormed and vet checked

We also provide each new owner with a kitten goodie bag containing sample food, treats, toys, a comforter with their mothers scent and a kitten care guide.

Once you have chosen your kitten, we will send you regular updates and pictures until they're ready to go to their forever homes. We're always available for advice and support.



Here at Ragtopia we have two queens, our first queen is Peach a beautiful chocolate colourpoint Ragdoll who is extremely laid back. She was named after Princess Peach from Super Mario by our children. She is a very affectionate cat who loves to be carried around and fussed. She also has a cheeky side to her personality; she's often caught stealing the dog biscuits and playing hide and seek.

Our second queen is Smokey, a stunning blue colourpoint Ragdoll. She is a really caring and proud mother that loves nothing more than to show off her adorable kittens. When she's not on mummy duty you'll usually find her curled on the dogs bed with her favourite play mates Buster and Barney our two West highland terriers

Both our girls are very typical in Ragdoll nature, they're very relaxed, fantastic with children and never get bored of being fussed.


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